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Hi my name is Heather.I started riding other friends horses at the age of 4.I startrd training neighborhood horses from various people untill I was 24.Then a couple more years passed and I finally got my own horse.He was an Andalusian cross by Bravio the world champion stud Andalusian.My husband and I taught him his ground manners all the way up to 1st level dressage and then to jumping a 3"6"fence.What a dream horse.Sadly my husband passed away and my kids and I lost the ranch and instead of selling my horse I gave him to a dear friend(the same one who I had ridden her horses as a child).He loves his new home with 20 plus horses around him in a pasture.Amazingly they all get along.I am on the look out for a baby Andalusian or Andalusian cross , but in no hurry.I just love the minds and courage of that breed.
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