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I rode when I was younger, and bought a horse 2 years ago so I could start riding again. I am now 52. She is a 9 year old quarter horse mare. She has been ridden english/jumped, also ridden western. Gina Miles (olympic rider) rode her cross country jumping and eventing. I am riding her western and have taken lessons off and on for the past 2 years. I am still building my confidence after years of not riding. She is great on the ground, still lets you do anything with her. However, she spooks at things easily. I have only walked and trotted with her. Her gaits are fast, and I would like her to slow down. Her nose is either up or down. She resists the bit. I cannot seem to keep her collected. I have been told by others who have ridden her that this has been a problem. I would like some advice on how to get her vertical and collected.
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