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I'll Have Another, (foaled on the 1st of April, 2009) is an American thoroughbred racehorse, and the winner of the 138th Kentucky Derby, held at Churchill Downs on Saturday the 5th of May, 2012.
1526 days ago
Wintertime Horse Keeping Tips By Christy Mellington Wintertime can make keeping our horses well cared for a little more challenging.
1611 days ago
Riding in the wintertime can be a little challenging. However, with a little planning and common sense, it can be fun for all! by Christy Mellington
1651 days ago
How To Properly Saddle Your Horse By Christy Mellington Saddling your horse for an enjoyable ride can seem like a chore so here's a few tips to make this task a little easier for the both of you.
1813 days ago
In order to take our partner out for an enjoyable ride, we must first know how to gently and properly outfit him in the bridle.
1996 days ago
I cannot think of anything more fun than taking your horse out for a beautiful ride down the trail! First, however, we must safely mount up.
1999 days ago
A BIT ABOUT BITS PART 1: The Snaffle Bit
1999 days ago
Summertime Tips For You and Your Horse
2151 days ago
Summertime Tips for You and Your Horse
2155 days ago
The best time to halter break any horse is shortly after he is born. This creates a bond of trust and communication between horse and human for the horse’s lifetime.
2401 days ago
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