Wherever you live, we can all agree on one thing, summertime is hot, not only for you, but for your horse as well.

After a nice long summertime ride, I like to cool my horse off with a bath. A bath serves more than one purpose, it helps to cool your partner down and makes grooming the next day a snap!

When teaching your horse to bathe the first time, here are a few tips.

First of all, do not tie him up. Horses accept new experiences better when allowed to be on the end of the lead rope, but not put in a situation where they are tied.

Begin with feet


Begin at his front feet...


bath shoulders



















... when he accepts this move on up the front legs to the shoulders...



back feet


then to the hind feet and on the hips and over his back.



sip water


Some horses enjoy drinking out of the end of the waterhose, this makes the whole experience even more fun for them. By allowing them to drink, we help them to diminish any fear of the bath. If your horse is pretty hot only allow him to take small sips of water until he has cooled down.



scrape off excess water


After you have rinsed your horse off, make sure that you scrape all the excess water off of him. Then tie him in a sunny spot to dry off. If you turn him out while he is still wet, he is sure to find a nice pile of dirt to roll in!

Thank You and Happy Trails!

By Christy Mellington

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