* Duration: 6 consecutive weeks
* Instructor: Amanda Martin

This clicker training course is designed to get you started with clicker training and on to the foundation lessons. We will cover how to charge the clicker, finding appropriate and meaningful ways to reward your horse and get you going with some of the foundation lessons that we teach. To understand the method so that you can use it to the best of your ability, we do discuss a bit of detail about the science behind the training method……don’t worry, it’s not boring.

You will need to put aside 1h each week to join the online class, plus at least 2 hours each week to complete your homework. There are no tests or paperwork to complete for your homework. To get the most out of the course you should complete the homework and put in as much time as you can for training with your horse.

Understanding the basics of why it works will help you improve your training skills no matter what level you are at and will help to set you up to tackle training almost any behaviour. We also look at how to make the behaviours understandable to the horse….how to break them on in to small enough steps to ensure your horse is successful in his/her attempts to getting the ‘yes’ answer.

With permission of Alexandra Kurland, we will follow Alexandra Kurlands book; The Click That Teaches, a Step By Step Guide in Pictures. There are 6 foundation lessons that make up the foundation levels of this clicker programme. These foundation lessons were planned by a classical dressage trainer and they are key to setting the foundations for an emotionally and physically well-balanced horse (a must no matter what discipline you are involved with). We will discuss the first few foundation lessons and how to get started with them.

Each week, you will be set homework to do with your horse prior to joining the weekly classroom. In that classroom you will have access to an experienced clicker trainer who will talk you through the next steps, help with any training hurdles, work through individual issues and problems and find the solutions and more.

The course is over 6 weeks. You will join an online chatroom each week for 6 consecutive weeks.

Price: £97 (+p&p) with Alexandra Kurlands Step By Step book
£75 without the book

For more information contact Amanda Martin:
Phone: 0777 196 5083

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