All horses gentled at the clinic will be available thru the BLM!

Immerse yourself in a 6-day workshop. This is a unique opportunity to observe wild horses in their natural habitat. You will begin to understand non-verbal communication with the natural world, be introduced to herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. The young horses being socialized in this clinic have come to the class through various rescue situations. They have shown a natural desire to relate to humans. To make their futures less traumatic for veterinary care, foster homes etc, these young horses will be your teachers.

Prerequisite: Graduate of the ROTH Holistic Horse Foundation Certification Course

and/or permission from Anna directly


Contact: Vincent Mancarella for course details

Location: Cody, WY, USA

Location & Accommodation Contact:  Michaele Dimock


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    Big News! We now have 4 untouvhed Paso Finos that will be gentled and rehomed at this years clinic!
    We, also, had two spaces upon up! So, you could join us! Contact for mor info!
     1420 days ago 
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Start Date/Time08.12.2013 09:00 (1413 days ago)
End Date/Time08.18.2013 19:17 (1407 days ago)
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