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This week-long, life-changing adventure not only takes you into the training process of untouched horses but you will also enter their magical domain and discover how you can help these majestic beings as they face the toughest challenge to their very survival.

You will begin to understand their non-verbal communication in the natural world and over the course of these 7 days you will discover herd dynamics and develop a bond through building a trust-based relationship. Through Anna's unique and highly effective methodologies you will learn the art of training the untouched horse and help give these horses a second chance at life.

And when it is all over, we are proud to say that the BLM has given us their trust and the opportunity to adopt the horses we work with out to the world. Rather than going back to holding pens so many of us have fought to stop, we will be holding an adoption of these precious beings on Augsut 31st!

A true win-win-win for everyone. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Wild West!

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Start Date/Time08.25.2014 08:00 (1037 days ago)
End Date/Time08.31.2014 19:00 (1031 days ago)
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