Located in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin just on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border.  May 3 & 4, 2013 will be on gaited dressage.  English equipment and loose ring snaffle required.  Sunday May 5 will be on all gaiting issues both for the show ring and for the trail, western or english equipment optional.  Scot MacGregor is a world reknown horseman who has won two World Championships and three International Championships.  Scot has given gaited demonstrations at the 1984 Olympics, at Equitana in Germany and the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.  He has ridden nurmerous times in the Rose Bowl Parade in California on his gaited horses. Scot has given clinics and seminars on the gaited horse in Germany, Holland and Canada as well as in the United States.  He and his wife own a horse farm in Tennessee.  

Two day Dressage Clinic = $200   One Day Clinic on All Gaited Issues = $125  CALL:  Marty at 218244-0286 to register or for questions on the dressage portion.  CALL Paulette at 715-483-0015 for questions on the May 5 general gaiting clinic and for stalling.

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Sells Stubben saddles, Raises TN Walking Horses
Start Date/Time05.03.2013 08:00 (1514 days ago)
End Date/Time05.05.2013 04:30 (1513 days ago)
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Scot MacGregor Gaited Horse Clinic for All Gaited Breeds
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