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United States
488 days ago · From farrah
Have you ever seen a Horse with Curls? You are in luck. Curly Horses originated from Curly Mustangs and can be found throughout the World. As the Secretary of Curly Mustang Association my goals are to help educate folks in the Horse World about our wonderful Curly equines and help Curly Mustangs who…
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United States
571 days ago · From againe23
Looking to connect with other breeders that love the Russian / Polish type Arabians. Looking for Breeders that want to keep to the true type of Arabian horse that Polish and /or Russian crosses produce
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Attica, United States
740 days ago · From zbfarms
Lets see how many friends we can make
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Spokane, United States
843 days ago · From Wooden_Bow_Legacy
This group if for anyone who loves their horse, loves to ride, wants a horse and how they spend time enjoying their horse. Please join us....Share your pictures, your videos, your comments and your stories..Can't wait to hear from you!
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United States
1540 days ago · From SavannahBreeze
This group was created for everyone who can appreciate ponies. Ponies are intelligent, hardworking, family friends that can sometimes be bold and mischievous but usually once a pony enters a family they never leave! This page is for any breed of pony and mix-breed also. A pony is measured up to 14.2…
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1766 days ago · From IceTeaLover
This group was created for anybody and everybody who enjoys english riding (to include dressage, cross country, hunting, showjumping, etc.) to come together and discuss and share their experiences. All photos and video's welcome. 
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1766 days ago · From IceTeaLover
If you are an owner or breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians, this is the place for you to share your triumphs, ask questions, and brag about your horses accomplishments.  Maybe you need help or are willing to be a mentor for those like me that are fairly new at breeding these very special horses.  …
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White City, OR, United States
1863 days ago · From Agate_Desert_Arabians
Group for all Horse Lovers & Trail Riders in one place. For sharing Trail & Camp Information, Stories, Photo's and General Equine Information &  Events. Working Toward Keeping All Equine Lovers United.Invite Your Friends.
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Michigan, United States
1906 days ago · From Heather_T
I am extremely interested in everything natural, whether it be natural horsemanship or the use of natural remedies in everyday life. I would love to meet like minded folks and that is what my group is about.
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Stromness, United Kingdom
2098 days ago · From Fraser
                   I am interested in getting people together and go trail riding, I have tennessee walkers and would like to find people who would like to get together and go trail riding that are not real far from here!                       My children are all grown but I am still young and want …
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Titusville, Pa., United States
2108 days ago · From babysheavenlgaits
HorseBack Safaris along the Coast in the Garden Route of South Africa
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Mossel Bay/ Vleesbaai-Kanon, South Africa
2196 days ago · From SeaHorseEcoSafaris
  The EasyRiders are first and foremost a 501( c ) 3 youth development organization. The EasyRiders are also a highly successful precision drill team. The EasyRiders offer varying forms of entertainment from the presentation of our national colors to themed numbers set to music.  The Sout…
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Rogersville, United States
2563 days ago · From countmeroan
This is my group to focus on my absolute favorite Horse Breed, the Missouri Fox Trotter.
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Dunnegan, United States
2573 days ago · From Grace
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