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  •  Linda: 
    Need some tips on terrible itch. This year has been a strange one in our "neck of the woods" (Missouri, USA). Had one of the mildest winters we've ever seen and this has resulted in lots of ticks & chiggers. These critters are usually controlled (somewhat) by a fairly cold winter, however, the warmer weather has these guys out in record numbers. Horses are going crazy itching their face, rubbing their manes into nubs and their tails! Don't even get me started on their tails!!!! Any good ideas? ............Thanks.......Linda
     1857 days ago 
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  •  saddleuptack: 
    Hi! My name is Diane. If anyone needs help finding used tack and saddles, riding gear and training equipment, I'm your girl! or join us on Facebook e-Up-Tack/136922503007637
     1861 days ago 
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  •  SavannahBreeze: 
    I have Joined and Subscribed to this Group. Sounds like Fun.
     1905 days ago 
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  •  Heather_T: 

    Welcome, Please jump on in and make yourselves at home, get aquainted and make yourselves useful by sharing your experiences, adventures, Photos, Events, & Trail Information for your State and anything else that may be useful or entertaining for your Equine lovin Friends.
     1906 days ago 
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