The EasyRiders are first and foremost a 501( c ) 3 youth development organization. The EasyRiders are also a highly successful precision drill team. The EasyRiders offer varying forms of entertainment from the presentation of our national colors to themed numbers set to music.  The Southwest Missouri based EasyRiders have received much support in performing for local rodeos, horse shows and parades but also travel. The EasyRiders have thrilled crowds in Kansas, Texas, and Kentucky. The EasyRiders are a competitive team.  In their first year of competition the team staked their claim as reserve national champions.  In their second year, the team won the national championship in the United States Equestrian Drill Association (USEDA). Since then, they have achieved a total of three National Championships since 2004.

  The unique style of and attention to detail of the EasyRiders has won the interest of venues such

  • Equifest of Kansas
  • Horsefest of Missouri
  • Breyerfest
  • Kentucky Horse Park

      In and out of the arena, the EasyRiders are more than just horsin’ around.  The riders do not rely on professional trainers to achieve the level of horsemanship showcased.  Each rider is responsible for the care and training of their own horse.  Look closely, the riders perform without spurs or whips and only with a simple snaffle bit.

       Each rider signs a social contract, which details expected behavior, such as no smoking, no illegal drug usage, respect for themselves, each other, their parents and other adults. They also commit to giving back to the community. They have been recognized by the American Diabetes Association, Therapeutic Riding of the Ozarks, and the Missouri State University Agricultural program for community service  Through this, the riders learn dedication, teamwork, camaraderie, leadership and compassion.


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