If you are an owner or breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians, this is the place for you to share your triumphs, ask questions, and brag about your horses accomplishments.  Maybe you need help or are willing to be a mentor for those like me that are fairly new at breeding these very special horses. 


Please be kind with your words and if you disagree, please explain without "flaming".


We are all learning and priviledged to promote and increase the numbers and knowledge of these rare and exotic horses. Opinions may differ but one thing is sure, we love and value the breed or we wouldn't be here.



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  •  Agate_Desert_Arabians: 
    Well, breeding season is in full swing, 2 down, 1 to go. If you want an SE foal or a live cover breeding for your mare...let me know. :) I have a breeding to a Black Rabacino Stallion, son of Thee Desperado, that I may be offering for sale. I also own my own boy, Sihr Fanous... Chestnut very sweet disposition, and ready to cover your horse! :) I'll be posting more photos of the mares and "Snuffy" soon.

     1844 days ago 
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  •  Linda: 
    What a beauty!
     1854 days ago 
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  •  Linda: 
    I actually own Missouri Fox Trotters, but I've always loved and admired the magnificent Arabian breed!
     1855 days ago 
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