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We've just released our amazing new Equine Classified Ad system empowering users to design and personalize their Ads to make them Really Stand Out & Get Noticed and; You Won't Believe Your Eyes!
2566 days ago
Our new site is finally live and ready to go. We have many new features, and will be posting a tour of some of them very soon....
2279 days ago
After working hard all winter, we've finally released our brand new Equine Social Network and.....It's Fun!
2269 days ago
Here's the press release for our new Equine Social Network which was published by many major worldwide news outlets.
2269 days ago
Here's a preview of three new types of equine classified ads we're working on which will be available later this summer.
2269 days ago
You know that cool floating bar at the bottom of your screen when you're in our community? It's going Site Wide Really Really Soon!
2234 days ago
WikiHorseWorld now provides members with a very cool "floating" Community Toolbar at the bottom of your screen whenever you're logged in.
2220 days ago
If you've been frustrated with the way our editors work in forums, blogs, groups, events & mail, including photo/video upload issues, things are about to change...Big Time!
2164 days ago
Announcing new comprehensive Classifieds for Horse Trailers, Saddles, Real Estate and Hay. Choose either Free Ads or advanced Premium Ads with tons of extra features and benefits you'll really love.
1719 days ago is set to launch on June 1, 2009 !
2944 days ago
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