Our Equine Classified Ads just became much easier to use!!'s already unsurpassed Equine Classified Ads just became much easier to use.  We have just completed an overhaul of our Classified Ad's "Layout Page" where users can have fun and DESIGN the appearance of their Classified Ads themselves.  We've dramatically upgraded the performance of the Align and Reset Buttons to help users design their Ads such that they come out looking great! On the layout page, users can move boxes around just by "drag & drop" or resize boxes using the "grabber" in the lower right hand corner of each box.  Then, once you've got everything positioned close to where you want it, just click on the Align button to position all the boxes perfectly.  Conversely, if you're having some trouble and are not satisfied with the appearance of your Ad, simply click on the Reset button which will reset your Ad's appearance back to our default Ad design.  Either way, your Ad will come out looking great and is sure to get noticed.

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