We've just upgraded our Free Equine Classified Ad system again with powerful and sophisticated features never before seen in Horse Classifieds and, The Best Is Yet To Come! Evolving!!

We are nearing the end of our big 2010 Equine Classified Upgrade project and we've just taken another huge step with this latest upgrade. As promised, we've now added our powerful Ad Preview feature where you can get a Preview of exactly what your finished Classified Ad will look like while you're still editing or creating your Ad. In addition, we've streamlined the way in which users create, edit, and activate their Ads to make the creation of breathtaking and highly professional Horse Classified Ads a breeze. The Preview page automatically assembles all the information you've entered into your Ad, determines the most elegant and professional way in which to arrange all this information, and then displays an exact Preview of your Ad for your approval.

For technical reasons, in this latest software release we've had to temporarily disable the ability to manually edit the layout of your Ad but rest assured, this critical feature will be re-enabled within the next several weeks via our powerful new Edit Layout page. Like before, the Edit Layout page will enable you to move and re-size all the components or "Ad Boxes" of your Ad, but now, the Edit Layout page will also enable you to change all the colors used within your Ad so that you can customize and personalize your Ad exactly as you desire. In addition, all this power and sophistication is completely and totally optional. Users wishing to create an elegant and professional Ad "quick and easy" never need to bother with the Edit Layout page and can simply Save their finished Ad from any tab. However, for more adventurous users who'd like to create a truly unique and personalized Ad, our upcoming Edit Layout page will give them all the tools necessary (and then some) to create truly stunning Ads sure to attract prospective buyers.

So, although we're very sorry that all these exciting Classified upgrades have taken a little longer than expected, we hope you agree that it was really worth the wait. But don't take our word for it! Experience our ultimate Equine Classifieds for yourself absolutely Free and find out why puts the "Class" in Horse Classifieds.


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