Get Ready for's Breathtaking New Face Lift!!! will be dramatically upgrading our overall appearance and ease of navigation next week (week of 8/17/09).  First and foremost, we'll be adding an exciting new home page which will give users a bird's eye view of all the content on WikiHorseWorld, as well as a number of quick links to easily get to all the most important spots on our website.  Secondly we're adding drop down menus to the buttons along the top of every webpage to make it easy for users to go anywhere from anywhere quickly, easily, and directly.  Last but not least, we're upgrading the color scheme used throughout our website.  This new color scheme is not only very attractive, it's easy on the eyes, and dramatically improves the "read-ability" of all the exciting and informative content that can be found on WikiHorseWorld. So, check back often and visit our website regularly to keep abreast of all the exciting upgrades taking place on the very best Equine website on the Internet.

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