Sunny, the next Grand Prize in WikiHorseWorld's Free Fox Trotter Contest, has begun a 30 day "Refresher Training Course" to prepare him to meet his new owners.

Sunny getting ready for training

WikiHorseWorld is currently running a Free Fox Trotter Contest where a free registered Missouri Fox Trotter will be awarded to the WikiHorseWorld member who posts the most high-quality content onto our Website by 12/31/2009. We expect to award this horse to some hard working WikiHorseWorld member sometime in January 2010. In preparation of this, Sunny, the next Grand Prize in WikiHorseWorld's Free Fox Trotter Contest, began a 30 day "Refresher Training Course" on 12/1/2009 to brush up on all his ground work and riding skills. Sunny is shown here getting ready to be loaded onto the trailer for the short trip to our trainer.  We've brought Sunny to one of the very best local trainers to insure that he's at his very best when he meets his new owners, the winner's of this contest. When we brought him over to the trainer, he loaded on to the trailer wonderfully! Sunny behaved so well on his first day of training that his trainer called to inform us that he'd began riding Sunny within 1 ½ hours of his arrival. By 12/6/2009 Sunny's training was progressing beautifully. Sunny has also been shod so that he and his trainer can broaden their rides to include some rough terrain to enhance his experience and skills. While being shod, Sunny stood for the farrier calmly and handled it perfectly. So, Sunny's new owners won't need to worry about shoes for a while. During the next few weeks, Sunny will be re-introduced to traffic, motors, dogs, deer, turkey and other potential items of concern to insure that he gives his new owners the most enjoyable and safest rides possible. Stay tuned for more news on Sunny's progress during his refresher training course.

P.S. We want to emphasize that even though Sunny is receiving an additional 30 days of training, he should still be considered "Green Broke" and that Sunny's new owners will need to provide additional training before Sunny can be ridden safely.

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