We've just released our amazing new Equine Classified Ad system empowering users to design and personalize their Ads to make them Really Stand Out & Get Noticed and; You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

Greatest Equine Classifieds Ever !

Designer Equine Classifieds


WikiHorseWorld has always had the most elegant, comprehensive, and unique Free Equine Classifieds on the Internet, but with this latest software upgrade, we've taken the power and the simplicity of our State-Of-The-Art Equine Classified Ad system to a whole new level. Users who wish to quickly and easily activate their Classified Ads can do so because our sophisticated Preview page automatically designs an elegant and breathtaking Ad for you. It's really effortless! All you do is add your photos, videos, and data, and we do the rest for you automatically….first time every time.


However, more adventurous users who'd like to design and customize their Ad for maximum visibility can do so using our powerful new Edit Layout page. You've never seen anything like it! You can easily re-design the appearance of your entire Ad with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can drag your mouse to move, re-size, and re-shape all the photos, videos, and data boxes within your Ad. In addition, advertisers now have complete control over the colors used in their Classified Ads. You can select one of our preset color themes or individually change background, text, and border colors. All this power is in addition to our existing "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor on the Ad Body tab which enables users to design the body of their Classified Ads and add virtually unlimited photos and videos (see our Advertising Policy for details). Better still, all this power and sophistication is Absolutely Free!


So, even though our latest software upgrade was a little late, we hope you agree with us that it was well worth the wait. Please try out our exciting new Equine Classified Ad system by creating your Ad today. There's no risk because the Ad's are Free and you can even save your Ads without activating them. Come and see for yourself why puts the "Class" into Your Equine Classifieds.


Click on one or more of the below links to see several examples of what you can do to re-design the layout and colors of all Your Classified Ads.

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Greatest Equine Classifieds Ever !
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