WikiHorseWorld is about to make a huge new upgrade to our "Ultimate Equine Classified Ads" making them even more intuitive, powerful, and easy to use!"Always Evolving"

WikiHorseWorld is currently preparing to release a major new software upgrade for all our Equine Classified Ads which, as you probably already know, are currently and indefinitely FREE! This exciting new upgrade will be released in three phases where the first phase will be implemented in the next week or two and all three phases in place by mid March 2010. Once released, Classified Ads will be significantly more beautiful, intuitive, easy to use, and powerful. Unlike other Equine websites which offer simplistic "cookie cutter" classifieds, WikiHorseWorld has always had the most comprehensive Free Equine Classifieds on the Internet in addition to our exclusive "Layout" features enabling users to have fun customizing and personalizing the look of their Horse Classifieds exactly to their liking. But now, our Equine Classifieds will become even more superior by adding the following features and improvements:


  • A breathtaking and brand new look when viewing and editing our Equine Classifieds. All our Classified Ad pages will be given a stunning new look with much greater contrast for easy reading.
  • Our exclusive Classified Layout features will now be "fully automatic" and effortless to use. Users who would rather not experiment with our Layout features can simply save their Ad and their Ads will be beautifully aligned and arranged automatically. Those users who want to customize their Ads can simply click on the "Edit Layout" button to move, re-size, and re-color all the individual components or boxes which appear on their Ads.
  • We're adding an exciting new "Ad Preview" feature where you'll be able to see an exact Preview of your Classified Ad while you're editing or creating it so that you can see exactly what your Ad will look like before saving it.
  • We're adding the ability to change the background color and text color for each individual component or box which appears on your Classified Ad so that you make your Ad beautiful and really stand out.
  • We're making improvements to our Pedigree system so that it works seamlessly with Horse Classified Ads thereby enabling Horse sellers to add their Horse's pedigree to our Pedigree Database easier than ever.
  • We're updating the Search Results that users see when they search for Horse's or Equine Products, Services, and Events by giving them a gorgeous new look and adding lots of important data to each Search Result.
  • We're updating your "My Ads" page to give you lots more information about each of your Classified Ads so that you can manage all your Ads more easily and effectively.
  • We're adding lots and lots of "Help" while you're editing or creating Classified Ads to make editing and creating Ads easier and more intuitive than ever.
  • We're upgrading the "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor used on the Ad Body tab to enable it to work easier and more seamlessly with all the latest Internet Browsers.
  • We're adding new and powerful Quick Search features to the left hand column of all web pages within the Classified Section.


So, keep a watchful eye over the WikiHorseWorld Classified section over the coming weeks and create some Free Classified Ads to test drive all our latest Classified upgrades and improvements.

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