WikiHorseWorld enhances Pedigree Database to accept "Grade" Horses! has enhanced its already sophisticated Equine Pedigree database to be even more capable.  The Pedigree database can now accept non-registerable "Grade" Horses in addition to Registered and "Register-able" Horses.  Traditional Pedigree systems only allow Registered Horses which excludes non-registerable (Grade) Horses, "Registered-Able" Horses (eligible but not yet registered), and Horses where only the Sire or Dam are registered. This upgrade to WikiHorseWorld's Pedigree Database will enable all Horse owners / lovers to enter the Ancestry for their Horse regardless of its lineage.  We've added several strategic fields to our database that will enable users to view the Ancestry of all Horses or just Registered and Register-able Horses.  This change will allow members to use our Pedigree system either as a traditional Pedigree database or to view the Ancetry of all Horses with a simple click of their mouse.

2946 days ago
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