July 21st, 2009 - If you were on the site last night, you may have noticed a few glitches as we rolled out the most recent set of updates to Wiki Horse World. The updates went smoothly, and we hope that you will find the new features usefull....


Along with several bugfixes, the following features were added:


  • Several cosmetic changes were made site-wide that should clean up the appearance of WikiHorseWorld. We have reduced the size of the left and right sidebar, and shrank the width of the site in general, without reducing the size of the content area.


  • When logged in, your member username now appears at the top of the screen, next to an icon of a user, making it more obvious that you are logged in.


  • Next to your member username, a counter has been added next to the icon of an envelope to show how many unread messages you have in your inbox.


  • For users of our Classified Advertisements, we now have numbers next to the Incomplete Ads and Inactive Ads link on the menu. This should allow you at a glance to see which ads need to be renewed, or need more information to be activated. Additionally, clicking one of these menu items will bring up a list of these ads.


  • The layout system for our Classified Ads has been completely re-written. Special care has been taken to make the layout system work the same on a wide variety of Browsers and computers. The drag/drop and resize systems have been updated, and Images should now display more consistently.


  • Another change made to the Classified Ad layout system involved completely re-writing the "Auto-alignment" and "Reset Ad" routines. These buttons should now work much better than they did before, and should now produce a much nore visually apealing Ad layout "right-out-of-the-box", so to speak.


The updates have caused a few minor glitches to appear, including the a bug that skews the aspect-ratio of some images in certain areas, but this should be fixed soon.


As always, if you encounter a bug, or have any other technical problem, please click the "Report a Bug" link found in the upper-right hand side of most pages.

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