Sunny, the next Grand Prize in WikiHorseWorld's Free Fox Trotter Contest (ending 12/31/2009), is doing a spectacular job during his 30 day refresher training course!

WikiHorseWorld has placed Sunny, the next Grand Prize in WikiHorseWorld's Free Fox Trotter contest, into a 30 refresher training course to prepare him to meet his new owners.  Sunny is now almost three weeks into his training course and the trainer reports that he's doing beautifully!  He's leading, loading, and riding like a champ.  Sunny stands calm and quiet while tied for grooming, farrier, and other maintenance, and while being saddled.  When riding, he moves out with confidence, turns and stops well, and has even learned to "back up" nicely.



Sunny Riding in an Open Pasture

As shown in the photo to the left, Sunny has done lots of open pasture riding through hills, valleys, and steams. As shown in the photo below, Sunny has also been ridden along side of the road and has handled traffic, wild turkey, deer, and other potential distractions with no problems.

Sunny Riding the Open Road


The trainer has remarked that Sunny learns quickly and is very eager to please. We expect that Sunny will make a wonderful riding companion and this 30 day refresher training course will provide his new owner (the Contest Winner) with a great "Training Foundation" on which to build.

P.S. We want to emphasize that even though Sunny is receiving an additional 30 days of training, he should still be considered "Green Broke" and his new owners will need to provide additional training before Sunny can be ridden safely.

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Sunny's Performing Well in Training
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