News Begins its Journey !!

Today (June 1, 2009) has begun its journey by opening its doors to new users for a "Live Beta Test". Welcome one and all.

WikiHorseWorld has been in development for approximately 2 years and we're very proud to show off what we've been able to accomplish for Horse Lovers worldwide. WikiHorseWorld has been developed by Horse Lovers for Horse Lovers and is the first major website to include:


  • Unsurpassed Horse Classifieds where you can design your own Ad without the typical restrictions on the text, photos, & videos included
  • A Free Wiki Article section (similar to WikiPedia) where users collaborate to create informative Wiki Articles about "Anything & Everything Horses"
  • An advanced Free Pedigree Database (similar to where users can enter or research the Pedigree Info of all Horse Breeds
  • A free Equine Community where Horse Lovers can meet, interact, and communicate using Email, Forums, Blogs, Chat, IM, & White Boards
  • A very well stocked "Equine General Store" powered by Amazon where users can browse through thousands of great deals on Equine products

So, please enjoy "Test Driving" You can give us feedback using the Contact Us link at the bottom of all web pages. Your feedback will enable us to build the very best Horse Website the world has ever seen.

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