WikiHorseWorld releases a major software upgrade greatly improving the ease of creating Wiki Articles and integrating Videos into Classifieds, Pedigrees, and Articles.

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year that we, at, have decided to "Turn a New Leaf" and release our much anticipated and long awaited Wiki and Video upgrade. This new software release, along with a handful of minor bug fixes and feature enhancements, has made dramatic improvements to WikiHorseWorld’s Wiki and Video capabilities as described in the following paragraphs.

For those of you not familiar with Wikis; Wiki is a website technology made hugely popular by, which enables people all around the globe to work together and collaborate on the creation of informative, interesting, and high quality articles on virtually any topic. As our name implies, WikiHorseWorld is very proud to have a Wiki Article section for the creation of articles about “anything and everything horses”. Traditionally, Wiki articles have been created by using the Wiki Markup Language or “Wiki Text” which is a somewhat simplified version of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) that is the predominant language used for Websites today. Since the creation of Wiki articles has, at least up till now, required a working knowledge of Wiki Text, this has precluded many of us who are “Computer Challenged” and uncomfortable with HTML from participating in very popular Wiki oriented websites. WikiHorseWorld has come to the rescue by upgrading our Wiki article section to support a true “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor as an alternative to Wiki Text. Our WYSIWYG editor works something like Microsoft Word, so now, creating a high quality Wiki article in WikiHorseWorld is as easy as creating a Word document. However, rest assured that those of you already familiar with Wiki Text can still of course create Wiki Articles using the same Wiki Markup Language as currently used in most Wiki oriented websites such as WikiPedia.

In this latest software release we’ve also made huge improvements in the way in which WikiHorseWorld uploads, compresses, stores, and plays Videos. There are literally several hundred different types of video file formats so it’s difficult to insure that our website is able to handle all of them. However, WikiHorseWorld’s recent investment in new video processing technology has made it possible for WikiHorseWorld to accommodate hundreds of different video file formats including the below list of the top 10 most popular video file formats used today.

Top 10 Most Common / Popular Video File Formats (Un-Ordered)

1.   *.avi         Audio / Video Interleave Format (by Microsoft)

2.   *.wmv      Windows Media Video Format (by Microsoft)

3.   *.mpg       MPEG Format (by Moving Pictures Expert Group)

4.   *.mov       QuickTime Format (by Apple)

5.   *.rm/ram   Real Media / Real Video Format (by Real Media)

6.   *.swf        Shockwave Flash Format (by Macromedia)

7.   *.mp4       Latest version of MPEG Format (by Moving Pictures Expert Group)

8.   *.amv       Anime Music Video File Format (by MTV)

9.   *.asf         Advanced Systems Format (by Microsoft)

10. *.flv          Flash Video Format (by Adobe Systems)

Users can now seamlessly integrate high quality videos into any WikiHorseWorld Classified Ad, Pedigree, or Wiki Article in addition to sharing videos in the WikiHorseWorld Community. WikiHorseWorld members can either upload videos from their own computer or can integrate videos from which is Google’s very popular video website. Once a video has been uploaded, there’s a brief pause while WikiHorseWorld’s powerful video software processes (i.e. compresses, converts, and stores) the video, after which a preview of the video is displayed. Once a user clicks on the triangular “Play” button located in the center of the video preview, the video will then play on their computer.

We sincerely hope that all WikiHorseWorld members will enjoy and make good use of this important software upgrade and please watch for our next major software upgrade (tentatively scheduled for December 2009) which will add many hundreds of informative and interesting Wiki articles to our website.

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