News is set to launch on June 1, 2009 !

Dream World Technology Inc. today announced that, the most significant new Horse related Website ever to hit the Internet, will be launched Monday June 1, 2009. Although fully functional, this initial release is intended to be an "Extended Beta Test" while we work out the final kinks. is an Equine website which represents a significant breakthrough in website technology, innovation, and scope said Don C. Balton, CEO and President of Dream World Technology. " has been designed by Horse Lovers for Horse Lovers and combines virtually all the Equine products and services most desired by Horse Enthusiasts around the world into one incredibly robust website" continued Mr. Balton. is the first major website to combine collaborative Wiki Horse Articles (similar to Wikipedia), a full-featured Equine Community (similar to YouTube & FaceBook), state of the art Horse Classified Ads (similar to Ebay), a powerful Horse Pedigree Data Base (similar to, and an incredibly well stocked Equine General Store powered by

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WikiHorseWorld Launch 6/1/09
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