Great News! We've just added a Horse Vet and a Master Saddle Fitter to our Free "Ask a Horse Pro" Service!


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Do you have questions about horse healthcare and wellness, selecting the right saddle, or training your horses and foals? WikiHorseWorld's Free "Ask a Horse Pro" Service may be just what you're looking for! Our Pro Horse Trainer (Christy Mellington) has been answering member questions for nearly 2 years but we've now added a new Horse Veterinarian and a new Master Saddle Fitter to our Free "Ask a Horse Pro" service. And best of all, all our "Horse Pros" will answer your specific horse related questions Absolutely Free! You can include a photo or video with questions and you'll typically receive a response within 3 business days.


Our new official Horse Vet is Dr. Jim Joyce, DVM (Dr. Jim). He's been an equine veterinarian for over 25 years and he is the owner and founder of the Southwest Veterinary Hospital in Fair Grove, Missouri. Dr. Jim specializes in treating all aspects of the horse's health and well being including lameness, mare and stallion reproductive services, advanced dentistry, specialized horse care and routine surgical procedures. Using the link below, you can ask Dr. Jim questions about hoof care, horse injuries/wounds, illness and disease, lameness, dentistry or almost any equine healthcare question.

Click Here to Ask Our Horse Vet


Our new official Saddle Pro is Ms. Paulette Nuetzel (Paulette). Paulette is a Master Saddle Fitter and she's been working with the Stubben Saddlery for the past 18 years. The Stubben Saddlery is one of the oldest, largest and most well respected saddle manufacturers in the world and Paulette works with Stubben in both the United States and Europe providing clinics, seminars and saddle fittings for Stubben customers worldwide. Using the link below, you can ask Paulette questions about choosing Western, English or Aussie saddles, fitting saddles to Horse and Rider, or saddles for young riders or for specific disciplines.

Click Here to Ask Our Saddle Pro


Christy Mellington, our official Horse Trainer, has been with WikiHorseWorld for nearly two years and has answered many horse training questions for WikiHorseWorld members. Christy has been training horses for over 20 years and has received certifications from both Parelli Natural Horsemanship and the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). Using the link below, you can ask Christy horse training questions about training foals, under saddle training, ground work, trailering horses or almost any other horse training topic.

Click Here to Ask Our Horse Trainer


We know that many horse owners have questions or problems regarding their horses & saddles and need qualified horse professionals they can rely on for simple, timely, free and effective advice. That's why is very proud to offer our Free Ask a Horse Pro service to horse owners and equine enthusiasts worldwide.


Last but not least, here's another piece of exciting news. We're pleased to announce that starting next month (August 2012), all WikiHorseWorld members and subscribers will start receiving our monthly Newsletter. This brief newsletter will contain lots of interesting news, stories and articles about horses, and the people who own, ride and love them.


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P.S. Click Here to read WikiHorseWorld's Official Press Release regarding our new/expanded Ask a

       Horse Pro Service.

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