WikiHorseWorld is proud to announce our new Affiliate Program for Horse Registries, Associations, and Clubs.  Our exciting new affiliate program enables these horse related organizations to easily add our advanced Equine Classified and Pedigree systems to their websites at no cost. Everyone knows that WikiHorseWorld has the best equine Classified and Pedigree systems in the business and now we're sharing these world class equine systems with other qualifying horse websites. Using our new Affiliate Program, either or both of these equine systems can easily be added to any other horse website in minutes by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code.

This economy has hit the horse world pretty hard and many horse associations and registries are really struggling to stay afloat and WikiHorseWorld is proud to help. This new Affiliate program provides a way for Horse Registries and Associations to add tremendous value and content to their websites, boost membership, and it can even provide an additional source of badly needed revenue for these equine organizations. Best of all, it's absolutely free for qualifying horse organizations (visit for full details).

In these difficult economic times, is proud to offer horse registries and associations with a free alternative where they can manage their database of registered horses, offer greater value to their members, and even earn some extra income. WikiHorseWorld has already installed its Equine Pedigree system on several Horse Association websites including the International Spotted Horse Registry (ISHR) and the U.S. Mangalarga Marchador Association (USMMA). Horse Associations interested in using WikiHorseWorld's Horse Pedigree and Classified Systems on their website can contact WikiHorseWorld by sending email to Click the following link to read WikiHorseWorld's Official Press Release announcing this exciting new Affiliate Program. - The One and Only

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