We call it the "Floating Member Bar" and it's one of the coolest features in our new Equine Social Network. This bar allows gives you instant and immediate access to all the most popular features of our quickly growing horse community including:

  • Set your "Presence" as either online, offline, away, or busy
  • Update your status message (similar to a tweet)
  • Chat and send/receive instant messages with all your friends
  • Get notified when you receive new email or greetings
  • Use the "Spy" to see when someone views your profile or any of your stuff
  • See which of your friends are online and view all your friend requests
  • Get easy access to all your stuff including info, forum posts, photos/videos, polls, and wall
  • View your Dashboard for an instant view of all your activity
  • Adjust all your community settings




This cool floating member bar will soon be available throughout the entire WikiHorseWorld website! So, no matter what you're doing or where you go in our huge horse lover's website, you're always connected with all your friends in our equine social network.  You get an email, you're notified immediately, a friend of yours logs in, it pops right up, someone wants to chat with you, the Chat icon starts flashing. It's really incredible! So if you're editing your horse's pedigree chart you're connected, if you're checking out the latest horse classifieds, you're connected, if you're reading about horse hooves in our wiki horse encyclopedia, you're connected. WikiHorseWorld has brought the true power of our amazing equine social network site-wide so that you're always connected.  And the best news of all, this exciting new feature will be available really soon (later this month).  So come back, visit often, and be the first to experience the only horse website with a true (and truly integrated) equine social network. One and Only

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