Great News About Your Classifieds on WikiHorseWorld!


We've just added four new Classified Ads for horse saddles, trailers, equine real estate, and horse hay. Like all our equine classifieds, these four new Ads are incredibly elegant and comprehensive. They're sure to please even the most demanding equine professionals and horse enthusiasts.


Also, as a special gift to our members, all your Classified Ads on WikiHorseWorld have just been upgraded to our new Endless Advantage Ads (a $24.99 value). These unique equine ads run indefinitely (as long as you need them). After 6 months, just visit your My Ads page and click the Ad's [Refresh] button at least once every 3 months to keep the Ad(s) active. Endless Advantage Ads offer the following features and benefits:

  • Ads are featured throughout the website on almost every page
  • Ads are prominently displayed in our new Homepage Spotlight box
  • Ads appear on other horse-related websites in our affiliate network
  • Endless Advantage Ads have top priority everywhere
  • Clicking [Refresh] increases your Ad's priority even higher

Last but not least, we're introducing two exciting new features...........


Rotating Photo Galleries (Slide Shows)
We now have cool rotating photo galleries that rotate through photos automatically! Galleries can contain unlimited photos and you can select the order they're displayed.  Add Unlimited Galleries to Premium Ads or almost anywhere site wide including pedigree charts/details, wiki articles and community forums, blogs, groups and events.  Imagine how stunning your Ads and Pedigree Charts will look with elegant Photo Galleries!
Embed Pedigree Charts Into Horse Ads
Our Horse Ads have always had a button to display pedigree charts but now, you can embed a beautiful pedigree chart Inside your Premium Horse Ads!  Just create/edit your Horse Ad, visit the registration tab and click [Add Chart] or [Edit Chart].  Our elegant Pedigree Charts even change colors as you change your Ad's colors on the Edit Layout page!


WikiHorseWorld now has Free Ads and advanced Premium Ads for horses, saddles, trailers and hay, plus real estate, services, products/tack and events. Our Free Photo Ads include up to 5 photos plus unlimited text and our Premium Ads have tons of extra features and benefits you'll really love including:

  • Add unlimited photos from your PC or from Flickr, Picasa, PhotoBucket & ImageShack
  • Add unlimited videos from your PC or from YouTube
  • Add unlimited rotating photo galleries (Slide Shows)
  • Design the Body of your Ad using a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Change your Ad's layout and colors so it Stands Out and Gets Noticed
  • Include an elegant Pedigree chart in your horse classifieds
  • Include a google map to your location and links to your website
  • Ads are prominently featured on our homepage and elsewhere

We've also created the following four very flexible and affordable pricing plans for Premium Ads:


Pay As You Go Flex Plan - $3.99/month and you select the number of months (1 - 5)
Premium Value Plan - $19.99 and run your Ad for a full 6 months
Endless Advantage Plan - $24.99 and run your Ad as long as you need it (no time limit)
Equine Pro Plan - $99.99 and post as many Premium Ads as you like for 1 full year


Click here for details about our cool new Ads and Features. We value your membership and hope you enjoy your new Endless Advantage Ads.


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New Ads for Saddles, Trailers, Property and Hay
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