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Please pardon the salesmanship but we just couldn't help bragging a little. We're very proud to announce that we've just added a unique new Community Toolbar throughout our entire website. This very cool and "new-web" toolbar allows all members to interact and keep in touch with all your online friends while browsing or creating horse classifieds, pedigree charts, wiki horse articles, or even while shopping in our tack shop. This Toolbar enables WikiHorseWorld members to see which of your friends are online, access email and all your community "stuff", send or receive instant messages, and even access our video messenger service. You can also use this Toolbar for quick access to all the most popular areas of our swiftly growing website. Below is complete list of everything you can do using this toolbar (from left to right).

  • Adjust your "Presence" as either online, offline, away, or busy
  • Edit your community status message (similar to a tweet)
  • See all the hot WikiHorseWorld Website news (like this)
  • View all Horse Pedigree listings or enter a new pedigree chart
  • View all horse classifieds, your classifieds, or create a free equine classified ad
  • Play around with any of our horse related games.  They're fun and free
  • Ask our Pro Horse Trainer questions about horse training or problem horses
  • Send/receive mail and get an alert when someone sends you an email
  • Get notifications when other members view your profile, photos, videos, polls etc.
  • See which of your friends are online and send them email, instant messages, or video chat
  • You can receive instant messages from online friends who want to chat
  • Access your "community stuff" including forum/blog posts, photos/videos, polls, & wall
  • Get a complete list of all community actions and activities directed to you or from you
  • Adjust all your Community account and privacy settings


We feel that since social networking has become such a big part of everyone's daily life, it shouldn't be confined to just a few isolated websites. So our new site-wide Community Toolbar has been designed to allow all WikiHorseWorld members to have fun and interact with online friends even while you're looking for your next horse, creating a free horse classified or pedigree chart, shopping for horse tack, or researching horse diseases in our wiki horse encyclopedia. WikiHorseWorld is committed to social networking, proud to be a pioneer in the evolution of the social networking website, and happy to provide our members with a truly cutting edge community experience while you manage all your equine affairs and activities.

Click Here to view the press release for our exciting new Community Toolbar!

Hope you enjoy using the new toolbar....Your Team at

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