As described below, we're currently working on three new types of equine classified ads for Horse Trailers, Equine Property (real estate), and Horse Hay. All of these exciting new ad types will be available later this year (Summer 2011). Just like all our equine classifieds, all three of these new equine ad types will be:


  1. Incredibly detailed and comprehensive
  2. Absolutely Free
  3. You can customize them so they'll Stand Out & Get Noticed....and.....
  4. They'll have a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editor so you can add unlimited photos, videos, and details.


  • Horse Trailer Ads - Horse trailers are very unique and often come complete with living quarters so they definitely require their own special type of classified. Although our horse trailer ads are primarily being designed for horse trailers, you'll also be able use them to advertise stock trailers, utility trailers, and flat bed trailers.  These new horse trailer ads will have 3 new specialized tabs to describe the overall trailer characteristics, the horse area(s) where the horse(s) will be trailered, and the living quarters for the people who love them.


  • Equine Property Ads - When avid horse lovers buy a ranch or a new place out in the country, there's many special things they look for and need to know which are typically not mentioned in the standard "multiple listings".  This is why we're developing a "new breed of real estate ad" just for horse lovers. Our new equine property ads will have four new specialized tabs to describe the Location, the House(s), the Outbuildings, and the Land including fences, streams, & ponds.


  • Horse Hay Ads - It's often difficult to find good quality horse hay especially during winter or if you've got pregnant mares. This is why we're developing detailed horse hay ads so that horse owners and hay balers have a place to buy, sell, and trade good quality horse hay. Our new horse hay ads will have a new specialized tab to describe the type of grass/hay, the size of the bales, and where the bales have been kept.
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