Throughout our equine community, we use editors for forums, blogs, mail, groups, and events. These editors allow you add text, photos, and videos and format this content as you desire. However we are painfully aware that these editors are sub par, lack an easy-to-use photo/video system, and these editors desparately need change. Well, change is coming......BIG TIME!

We've worked hard to perfect the editors we use in other areas of the website including the classified, pedigree, and wiki article sections of our website and soon, these same powerful yet easy to use editors will be made available throught our equine community. This upgrade should be released in a week or two and will make editing content in forums/blogs, groups/events, and email easy, fun, and very powerful. We apologize to all our members for subjecting you to the agony of using our community's existing editors and we promise to make this much much better very very soon.

Thanks a lot for your pacience and understanding as we continue to work hard to dramatically improve our equine social network and not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


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2167 days ago
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