Title announces a New Social Network for Horse Lovers!

Summary announces their new Equine Social Network Community free for horse lovers, horse professionals, and equine enthusiasts around the world.

News Body, a leading horse website, today announced their new equine community which is a free service for all members of that website (membership is also free). This new equine social network allows horse lovers, horse professionals, and equine enthusiasts around the globe to interact and network using forums, blogs, email, chat, instant messages, video messenger, and polls. Horse enthusiasts can share horse photos & videos within personal privacy groups, organize equine groups & events, and take advantage of Wall, Shoutbox, and Facebook Connect features.

"We think many horse enthusiasts participating in popular social websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter may feel a little lost in the crowd so we've developed a state of the art social network rivaling the features and performance of these other websites dedicated exclusively to horse lovers" said Don C. Balton, President and CEO of Dream World Technology Inc., the company which owns WikiHorseWorld. Mr. Balton explained that their new equine community is a key component in their overall strategy of providing all the horse related products, services, and tools horse lovers need and desire "all under one roof". People interested in exploring this new equine social network can do so by visiting

In addition to their new horse community, Mr. Balton explained that WikiHorseWorld's new software upgrade also includes a new ergonomic graphic design across the entire website combining speed, innovative use of color and texture, straightforward navigation, and the most commonly accepted best practices of website design. "We've combined the talents of several of the very best local graphic designers and essentially started from scratch in an effort to provide the best possible website experience for horse lovers and horse professionals worldwide" said Mr. Balton.

" is proud to launch this free equine social network so that horse owners, horse riders, and equine enthusiasts and professionals worldwide finally have a robust cutting edge community of their own where they can meet, share, exchange, and interact" Mr. Balton concluded. is a leading equine website featuring horse related classifieds, wiki articles, community, forums, tack shop, and horse pedigree database.

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