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Flash - Welsh Cob Stallion
Medium: Acrylic Paper: Stretched canvas Size: 16 inch x 20 inch This is an acrylic painting of a liver chestnut welsh cob stallion, Bookra the Coalman aka Flash, from a reference stock photo supplied by Chroa2427851 (thanks Chroma) This is my third ever painting of a horse in acrylics. The painting took about 10 hours in all over a couple of days. To be honest, this time I really did try and take more breaks over this painting to try and slow down a bit (several cups of coffee, a whole packet of cream crackers, a three quarter full box of Cadbury’s chocolate Roses – borrowed from my wife’s spare Mother’s Day prezzies, shhh don’t tell her!) but I still managed to complete this artwork within 10 hours. I cannot for the life of me make my art go slowly. I seem to go straight into another intense zone when I’m painting, I’m sure we as artist all go there sometime or other when painting (please tell me I’m not the only one!). I have really enjoyed painting this beautiful welsh cob stallion (see I’m starting to use proper horsey words too!) particularly trying to emulate the beautiful shiny sheen on the deep liver chestnut coat. I really enjoyed painting in the shiny creases on his strong neck, I chose this side view pose of this horse as it seems easier to paint than of one galloping off into the sunset, maybe my next painting, who knows?
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04.22.2011 (2257 days ago)
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Flash - Welsh Cob Stallion
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