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  •  Doreen: 
    The History of the P.R.E. Andalusian Horse…..Pura Raza Espanola.
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    I like to thank all my friends for there support, and the friends that purchase my book.
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Joyce is a sweet, pretty, and energetic 5 year old APHA registered Buckskin Paint (She is 1/4 Thoroughbred). Joyce needs a patient, advanced rider who is up for a challenge.Joyce is broke to ride English and Western and has been ridden for about 3 years consistently. One year was under professional training. She walks, trots, canters, side passes, backs up, turns on the forehand and hunches. Joyce has a spirited and quirky personality. She can be very anxious and spooky. She does very well in the arena with other horses and when she can follow them (it gives her confidence). She has great impulsion, speed and bends and turns quickly. She could be a good Gymkhana horse. Joyce has been trailered, she cross ties, and loves to be bathed and groomed. She does well with other horses, animals and people. She just needs an owner with more time and experience.
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