With over 20 years working on dude ranches in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana my long term goal has always been to own and operate my own ranch. I have experience in every area of ranch operations, from running horse programs for up to 65 guests, to planning corporate events and weddings, to being the head cook to reservations and website development. I am currently building a dude ranch consulting business which has two parts. The first is my Dude Ranch Vacation travel agency specializing in dude ranch vacations. With my years of experience in the industry and extensive connections with ranches all over the west I am in a unique position to help people find the right ranch vacation to fit their needs. The second part of my business is consulting for ranch owners who need help with things like hiring, issues with horse programs, or building financial projections. I have a software program that I have developed specifically for dude ranches. It develops five year financial projections and gives you profit and loss and cash flow estimates. This is good for ranchers who already have a ranch by allowing them to do what if scenarios. Specialties Travel Agent Services specializing in dude ranch vacations. Dude ranch consulting services include ranch financial projections, business plan development, wrangler training, staff evaluation and hiring, development of horseback riding programs, and overall ranch management.
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