Hi. I'm Lisa Rowlett, my husband Jonathan and I live in NW Tennessee and we love our horses. We have a wonderful son, Cody (23) and his wonderful girlfriend, (hopefully, future bride - it would not hurt my feelings at all!), Sarah. We (entire family) have 5 horses right now. All of which, despite some of their ages, come from Foundation stock. If we could only clone them and keep them forever, life would be good! Streakalightnin (aka Streaker) 33 wonderful years young (Jonathan took him off his momma when he was 8 months old). Tuff Times Tivio (aka Tuffy) the only mare, she's just like you only prettier, with a matching attitude (29 years)!! A fine bred Mississippi cutter who was bottle raised by Mr. Thomas Nichols, and owned by him until we acquired her. Lucky Podge (aka Lucky) - King Ranch born (26 years) my father-in-law's favorite trail horse - also a fine Mississippi acquisition. Tuffys Little Pep (aka Peppy) - (18, Tuffy's only foal) and Cody's right hand man since he was born right here on Winchester Road when Cody (aka, Hoss) was 5. And last, but by no means least, just because he is the baby of the family - Gamblers Hancock Man (aka Doc, 6 years) - he is a sweetheart of a gelding, he's registered as a red roan, but he has grown into a beautiful bay or black roan. Cody bought him for Jonathan 3 years ago, but with our declining health and just simply getting older, he is too much horse for Jonathan and I. Well, after all that, we live on the family farm where we raise hay and horses, with our other beloved furry family members, Chester, my late Momma's crippled (but don't tell him that!) chocolate lab; Skeet, the sweetest girl in the world, half Border Collie and Black Lab; Bama, the NEVER TIRING, FULL OF ENERGY, red heeler, but she is pretty sweet; Coon, my beautiful boy cat who acts just like the dogs and does and goes wherever they do - even followed me to the deer blind one morning, but he was quiet and really warm in my lap that cold morning!! And of course, the boss-lady, queen of the house, Miss Nikki, my little 6 pound girl in a Yorkie suit - she keeps everyone in line. Princess, Skeet's aunt and Papa and Granny's baby 12 year old Black Lab lives up the road, except when its camping time then she stays here and plays with the "real" Ok, that's about it about me - I have told you about my favorite folks and our wonderful critters who we love (and like) better than some family members. We are a pretty close tight knit bunch, easy going til someone wants to mix it up, then we'll take care of business!
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Hi! I'm Lisa. I am joining this exciting new website because I love our horses and all horses for that matter !! :)
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United States
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almost disabled
some, but not enough, college
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Besides family and our animals I like to cook, hate to clean the house, don't mind cleanng the barn, like shooting, hunting and fishing, reading, just being outdoors, my veg garden, my gas-loving Dodge Ram, helping other people is my weakness some folks s
Horses, Dogs, Family, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Hunting, Shooting (not necessarily in that order)

Trying to get my disability, living with a yet to be diagnosed auto-immune disorder and fibromyalgia - this also includes going to the doctor(s) every
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I love all books!
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Tombstone, Open Range, My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, True Grit (both), The Shootist, Wild Horse Hank, Monty Walsh, American Outlaws, Bad Girls, Posse, Jonah Hex, Beer for My Horses, Red Headed Stranger, The Missing, Last of the Dog Soldiers, Dances
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Oh Wow!! Pretty much everything except Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, rap and hip hop - with the exception of Colt Ford, Big Smo and Cowboy Troy they rap pretty good for old southern boys!!!!

George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jenning
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