(ITPP) high quality research chemical for Horses... especially for race. Email : Registry Number: 802590-64-3 Formula: C6 H12 O21 P6 CA Index Name: myo-Inositol, cyclic 1,2:3,4:5,6-tris(P,P'-dihydrogen diphosphate) Other Names: ITPP; myo-Inositol 1,6:2,3:4,5 tripyrophosphate -- Properties -- Property Value Condition Boiling Point 862.3±75.0 °C Press: 760 Torr Carbon-13 NMR See spectrum Spectrum Density 2.41±0.1 g/cm3 Temp: 20 °C minimum order quantity : 1kg Price : 3500usd For lovers of horse,you got what it takes for your horse race. contact me. Email : Include your correct Email address and private phone number for easy communication.
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(ITPP) high quality research chemical for Horses... especially for race.
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