Integrity, honesty, and fair prices combined with 20+ years of experience in the equine industry have made John Muldoon a successful and respected professional. In 1991, John began his own business, Reinbow’s End Farm, and began taking on students and horses in training. He teaches and trains in the disciplines of Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation. John also focuses on buying and selling top quality hunters and jumpers at affordable prices. John prides himself on producing well-rounded and educated riders (and horses). Over the past years John has helped many riders from their first lesson, to first horse, to first horse show and then on to long-term successful riding careers. His extensive horse show experience as a rider and keen eye enables him to determine the best procedure to be taken with each rider and horse. He has successfully trained riders and horses to go on to compete and win at the national, state, zone, and county levels. Throughout his riding career John has developed a reputation not only of being an excellent rider but also of being a very effective horse trainer. John specializes in working with horses to correct behavioral problems. He has a unique ability to take difficult horses and get to the “root of the problem” as well as greatly improve already good horses through his unique training approaches. Always interested in developing young horses, John trains green, talented horses for the show ring. Several of these horses have come from New Holland Sales Stables and local racetracks. John has retrained these horses as hunter prospects and many have gone on to be top ranking competitors. Career Highlights: John has been named “Trainer of the Year“ by the Chester County Horse Show Association five times. He coached the West Chester University Equestrian team to third place in their national competition. And, in 2008, won Champion at the Devon Show in the local hunter division.
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