Board your horse at Sitter Downs. We are located 25 miles SE of Kansas City, MO. Across the road is Blue & Gray Park; 1,700+ acres; no motorized vehicles allowed. Blue & Gray offers a variety of trail riding, through the meadows, hay fields, or down into the creek crossings and through the woods. We have been in the business for 21+ years and some of our boarders have been with us for 15+ years. Please visit our website for other info (check out the extras...moonlight riding, trailering to other equine parks.....) Call us at 816-697-2073 ( - e-mail is preferable) or contact Kelly Lance -Specializing in Trail Horse Training & Sales, 816-547-9508 (
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Sitter Downs Horse Boarding (KC, MO) 1700+ acres of trails
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