Very handsome, young bay quarter horse who has a lot of potential and great confirmation. He was bought for my daughter's 9th birthday, but was sold to us as a "broke" and easy riding horse. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, we believe the seller had given the horse a calmer to make him very easy going. For 2 weeks he was easy to saddle, bit and bridle, and hop on and ride. He followed all directions very nicely including backing up. He didn’t, and still doesn't, act up at feed time. He is extremely likeable and allows petting and leading still, but we haven't tried saddling him again. This horse will make a great horse for someone who has the experience and time to properly train him. He is young still so it would be east to correct any faults he may have developed in his young life. We really wanted a horse for our daughter but we really need one that is already all the way broke and safe for a young child. Please email me if you are interested in this tall, dark, and handsome beauty. I am letting him go for less than I paid, as I am not trying to make anything off of him, just want him to have the future he deserves.
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His name is Hollywood and he is tall, dark, and handsome!!
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