I've owned/operated a Missouri Foxtrotter Breeding/Training ranch in Sanger, Texas since 1998. The kids are raised and it's time to relocate to follow husbands work, so I'm selling out my horse ranch. I presently have 2 geldings, 3 mares that I'm riding on Trail multiple times per week. They're all doing great and handling every new trail/terrian I've presented this season. I also have 2 2-yr old fillies ready for starting, and 2 weanlings. Check them out at: Horses vary in age, experience, but all are well-broke and have more than 100 miles on them this years - some have many seasons, some only 4. I do need to sell, but can't afford to give them away, as I do have training dollars wrapped up in them in addition to my own work. I've started and sold nearly 2 dozen over the years, but only consider myself an intermediate rider. Middle-aged and don't want to fall off, and haven't had any instances where I thought I would - that's my real success.
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Trail Riding Registered Missouri Foxtrotters in North Texas
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