I am me and no one else... i am very kind and caring and loving.. i love all animals... i had raised 4 litters of raccoons at one time.. i love horses .. i dont know what more to say about in the medical field... i finished school for cardiovascular.. and cert in ekg and phlembotomy.. im very loving.. and love nature.. i guess anything else you would love to know about me.. just ask ... oh yea.. one more thing.. i had wished for a christmas miricle.. and that was to have my cat still be alive after taking off into the woods for a month.. and on christmas night.. there she was... she was injured before taking off into the woods.. i believe a hawk or owl had gotten to her.. as i was calling for her to coming inside.. as i usually do .. when she goes out. and its getting dark out... i am now nursing her back to health she is skin and bones.. i believe the hawk grabbed her by the tail.. and dropped her from high about on her head .. all i can say is thank god she is alive.. i love my cat.. as i love horses..
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i love horses
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