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United States
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Bad Things,New Shit,Into the Wild,Transmigration of the soul,Nature,Few Are Those Who See With Their Own Eyes and Feel With Their Own Hearts,Species,Football
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Vagabond,Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy,Heads Up Heals Down,Horse Miracles,Barrel Racing for Fun and Fast Times,The Black Stallion,The Phantom Stallion,Aqha Journal,Horse & Rider Magazines,Mustang Mountain series,All the Pretty Horses,My F
Favorite Films:
Garden State,There Will Be Blood,Lost in Translation,Pride and Prejudice,Alfred Hitchcock,Dracula,The Silence Of The Lambs,All Dogs Go To Heaven,Carrie,Kill Bill,Marx Brothers,Young Guns,The Devil\'s Rejects,Expendables,Old School,Saturday Night Fever,Aug
Favorite Music:
Beatboxing to car alarms,The Flaming Tsunamis,Old Metallica,Anything Funky,Dexateens,Signal Path,Vibesquad,The Schwag,Skillrex,Feel Good Music,Bright Eyes Conor Oberst,reggae and rainbow music,Chance\'s End,Zac Deputy,The Funky Meters,Trance Progressive T
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