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United Kingdom
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Freedom,Chocolate,Extream Sports,Rugby,Football,Equestrian team,Newcastle United F.C.,England Rugby,Warrington Wolves,Piano
Favorite Books:
\"Texting + F.b = Textbook. So I\'m studying?\",Walking Wolf Road,Teacher Call It Cheating , We Call It Teamwork,Salazar was shameless,he built the Chamber of Secrets in the girls bathroom,Team Jacob, Team Edward? Please, I\'m team Harry Potter,Harry Pott
Favorite Films:
The Hunger Games UK,Finding Nemo,Saw 5,Saw IV,Saw II,The Fox and the Child,The Hunger Games,Harry Potter UK,Wild Child (2008),Robin Hood,Alien,SWEENEY TODD,Expendables,Rambo,Remember Me,Drag Me to Hell,Alice in Wonderland,Saw 3D Movie UK,Mufasa,The Ring,T
Favorite Music:
Anything Thats Good,Non Mainstream
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