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Clifton Park
United States
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TALKING ON THE PHONE,Amusement parks,Getting Paid,Shopping mall,Hanging Out With My Friends,Talking to People,Books
Favorite Books:
The Twilight Series,King Lear,Romeo and Juliet,Hunger Games,Harry Potter is so much more than a book, it becomes a part of you.,I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell,The Giver,Twilight Saga,Harry Potter series,Twilight,\"The Legend of the Great Horse\" trilogy,H
Favorite Films:
Dug,Monty Python & the Holy Grail,Pineapple Express,Hard Candy,Twilight Fans Giveaway,The 40-Year-Old Virgin,Casino Royale,Shaun of the Dead,Pirates of the Carribbean 2,WALL•E,The Notebook,The Hunger Games,Knocked Up,Dear John,The Rocky Horror Picture Sho
Favorite Music:
Brentalfloss,I Love Country,I Hate Almost All Rap,My Favorite Artists Are Buckcherry,I Like Almost Anything Rock
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