Among the total horse population of the world, it is estimated that Arabians comprise only 2% and Straight Egyptians are only 2.5% of all Arabians. The Straight Egyptian Arabian, rare, precious and eternal....... Here at Agate Desert Arabians in Southern Oregon, it's not the quantity but the quality of the foals that dictates the breeding program. Selective breeding with a goal of producing a few exceptional foals that are not only beautiful, graceful and agile but ones that are strong and versatile. While the Egyptian is the love of my life, the Arabian horse in general has also been a part of my life and there are always those exceptional examples which makes a valuable contribution to the Arabian as a breed. My focus is on the SE, but I also I believe that all Arabians, regardless of their origin or strain, are wondrous creatures and although I do not inter-breed types, I do appreciate each with it's unique attributes and contribution to the Arabian world. So, from time to time, Arabians from other lines, find their way to me and will be offered for sale.
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