I'm country, Like a Girl. I hunt like a girl, I ride like a girl, I fish like a girl, I mud like a girl, I shoot like a girl. I have started a social online Country Cafe for women & girls. You can come and share you adventures, styles and techniques with hunting, fishing, riding horses, shooting guns, cooking, getting muddy and more! You can customize your own profile page from several different settings, add pictures as backgrounds etc., chat, blog, join groups and start your own groups, download pictures & videos and make new friends. Join our network if you love to be "Country Like a Girl." Become a member at and start making friends and sharing the country life you love to live! Be proud to be "Country Like a Girl!" We have members from all over the USA & Australia too!
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I'm Country, Like a Girl!
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I'm a very country person. I love my horses, family and friends. I enjoy taking pictures, painting and riding my horses in the rain. I just created an online social net work for women and girls to come together and share why they love to be "Country Like
Horses, painting, writing and taking pictures. I also love to fish.
Favorite Websites:
Mine of like Hubpages, youtube, and a few more.
Favorite Books:
I just read Nicholas Sparks "The Lucky One" great book and can't wait to see the movie!

Love to read Nora Roberts & Ann Rule too.
Favorite Films:
Too many to list, but I love comedy.
Favorite Music:
Patsy Cline
Johnny Cash
Miranda Lambert
Brooks & Dunn
Blake Shelton and many many more!
country, horses, riding, hunting, fishing, cooking, online network, country cafe, cowgirls, rodeo, saddle, boots
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