HORSE GYM USA provides treadmill equipment to all of the Americas. HORSE GYM treadmills help to develop the full potential of today's equine athlete. Using computerized technology and quality German engineering and construction, HORSE GYM offers unprecedented opportunities for fitness, diagnostics and rehabilitation. Olympians, Gold Medalist and World Class riders all agree, the HORSE GYM conditioning is critical to their success. Our most popular model is the S3 Automatic which is fully galvanized, computerized and weather proof. It has variable speeds up to 8 miles per hour and from flat to a 10 degree incline. HORSE GYM USA has sold over 500 treadmills in the past 7 years. Our newest product in the line is the Aquatrainer water treadmill which also has a cold salt water spa option. This treadmill offers the same superior design and quality that HORSE GYM is known for with a large vessel, self cleaning filters and many safety features built in. HORSE GYM also delivers a quantifiable return on your investment by creating new revenue streams and saving time and manpower. 30 of all HORSE GYM treadmills are purchased though our leasing partner making them affordable to all barns. All treadmills come with a 2 year warrantee on parts and labor. Give us a call to find out how you too can have a HORSE GYM of your own.
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Treadmills & Aquatrainers to help develop the full potential of today's equine athlete!
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