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United States
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Vacation,People of Walmart,Tetris,Books,Horse training,Texas Longhorn football,The Woodworking Block on Yardsellr,The Horseback Riding Block on Yardsellr,The Baking Block on Yardsellr,The Country Music Block on Yardsellr,Concerts,Beach,Four wheeling,Racco
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Reporting the Revolutionary War,Holy Bible,Where the Wild Things Are Book,The Holy Bible,The Giving Tree,A New Earth,The Power of Now,Ferdinand the Bull,The Bible,Bible,Whirlwind,The Average American by Kevin O\'Keefe,Starman, a horse and his girl,A Chapt
Favorite Films:
Facing the Giants the Movie,The Help,To Kill a Mockingbird,The Campaign,Hollywood Buzz,Blind Side,Friday Night Lights,Legendary Directors,People Like Us,Magic Mike,True Grit (1969),The Hangover: Part II,The Searchers,Hangover,Battleship,Urban Cowboy,Smoke
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Garth Brooks the Dance,JAMIE JOHNSON,Texas Swing,50\'s,And 80\'s Pop,70\'s,60\'s
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